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Renewable Energy

Enhancing Rural Communities through Renewable Bitcoin

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Anika Digital Holdings is a cryptocurrency mining company focusing on renewable energy. We build Bitcoin Mining facilities from existing or decommissioned renewable energy sources with a focus on supporting rural communities. Our goal is to assist in the betterment of the earth, while still continuing to be pioneers in the continued growth and development of the Decentralized Finance world.

Taking the First Steps Towards 100% Renewable Digital Assets – ADH

  • November 29, 2022|
Renewable digital assets

Crypto and many digital technologies are increasing the carbon footprint of our planet. However, many businesses are already seeing spectacular opportunities in the cryptocurrency arena. Anika Digital Holdings is one of them. We believe crypto can be our resource to … Continued

How We’re Creating New Opportunities Through DeFi | Anika Digital Holdings

  • November 20, 2022|
opportunities in defi

DeFi will be the new future of the financial industry. Right now, the infrastructure is emerging technology. With time, solutions will come and make DeFi available to everyone anywhere in the world.  Anika Digital Holdings is working on DeFi technologies … Continued

Jason Roberts on Redeeming Stranded Power Assets With Green Crypto

  • November 14, 2022|

Advances in technology have opened the door to business opportunities worldwide, each based on a unique idea or concept. While some of them are lost in this extremely competitive space, a few have survived and even scaled up due to … Continued

Our Mission and Vision

Our Purpose is to rejuvenate struggling Economies in Rural Communities, while helping reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the Bitcoin Mining industry.