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Renewable Energy Bitcoin Mining

At ADH, we believe Bitcoin is here to stay. We are cognizant of Proof of Work (PoW) coins altering this planet. At ADH the solution is to continue to support Bitcoin and the growth associated with Mining Bitcoin, in an ecologically responsible way. Our solution is to utilize 100% Renewable Energy to energize our Bitcoin Mining facility, keeping nearly zero imprint on the Environment. This is the solution to an ever growing socio-economic issue.

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Enhancing Rural Communities

At ADH our vision is to bring business to rural communities that could benefit form economic support caused by loss of business and industry. ADH pledges a donation equaling 1% of Net Revenue, given directly back to the communities where our facilities are located. We work with local and state lawmakers to ensure these proceeds are used solely to benefit the local municipalities and general public.

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Green and Renewable Science

ADH and AGE understand the crisis our planet is experiencing. Rapid growth of technology during the modernization of the world has left negative effects on the earth. Among the largest contributors to the global epidemic are the processes and fuels used to create electricity. ADH will contribute a portion of Net Revenue to help assist in the sciences related to creating and expanding Renewable Energy across the globe. ADH believes remonitizing Renewable Energy proceeds will help the world to achieve a fully Green and Renewable future.

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Purpose Driven Investing

At ADH we support other like minded, purpose driven companies. We show this dedication by continuing financial support and consistent circulation of technical information. Continued success with these companies will accelerate the growth in the renewable energy industry. ADH believes the answer to a utopian Renewable society could be locked within one of these companies.

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Family and Faith

At ADH we believe you can achieve more as a family unit than anyone of us could achieve alone. We believe in having faith in ourselves and in something bigger than us. We are a family at ADH and will continue to treat our work environment with the same level of respect and understanding as we do with our own homes. We blend work and life, making a beautiful unison of progress and achievement.